Welcome to the place to be if you are interested in learning more about DFB – practical pieces of Daily Fantasy Basketball advice, lineups, NBA, Daily Fantasy Basketball projections and tips that can help you earn real cash by playing at DraftKings or Fan Duel. What makes the given advice so applicable, is the fact that it comes from players who manage to win daily and who are willing to constantly share their experience with others in the form of articles and weekly series such as Minutes to Win It: NBA Rotation Watch, Injury Roundup, The Pulse and Market Exploitation.

You may ask yourself what the reason for the huge popularity of Fantasy Basketball is. Well, the prizes are for sure considered to be quite appealing. Not only are there weekly contests with prizes up to $100,000 that are guaranteed, but what is even more amazing is the contest on Wednesday when you can often see people winning five figures. If this hasn’t impressed you yet, take a note of the breathtaking news about a prize of $1 000 000 provided by a website that is going to be given at the DraftKings Fantasy Basketball World Championship in March. The collaboration between the Daily Fantasy NBA and FanDuel also belongs to the factors that lead to the expansive growth of Daily Basketball. Having in mind all the gamers who play on a daily basis with real money, it is not surprising that the scale of the games becomes larger and larger. What attracts such season players to the game in addition to the prospects of winning, is the excitement they experience when they feel like part of the game of various players every day. However, it is still an incentive that as you don’t need a lot of money to start playing – there are entries for which you need no more than $0,25. If you are interested in taking part in the biggest money leagues, you will also get that opportunity at a glimpse of an eye. In order to not get confused, all the necessary information is going to be presented to you now in a step-by-step format.

find details about daily fantasy basketball gamesFor you to be able to benefit from this tutorial, you will need to have an account at DraftKings or Fan Duel, which includes making an initial deposit. Having taken the opportunity to get familiar with both websites, would also be beneficial, although it is not a must. Because of the fact that the Daily Fantasy Sports websites of DraftKings and FanDuel are quite similar, we are about to use only one of them to illustrate the process- f.e. DraftKings. Also, keep in mind that we are not going to place so much importance on the outcome of the contest but on the process of playing. Before we can become excellent players, we need to know the rules of the game and what works or doesn’t, right?

Getting Started with the Practical Part

It is crucial for you to understand that mastery walks hand in hand with practice. It is the result of gathered practical experience, so make sure you do not lose precious time overthinking and overanalyzing before you have even started playing. You can’t learn to swim only by reading about the qualities of water and pressure, can you? The same is true about playing at contests. However, what is also true is that every process starts with a first step. Our purpose behind this article is to support you in the process of making not only one but all the first basic steps in the world of contest playing. An additional benefit of creating the tutorial revolving around DFB is the fact that we are not passionate about this type of game, which will enable us to remain objective and execute the steps, without being tempted to choose a particular player which would have happened if we knew more about the sport.

When it comes to  DraftKings (betting on golf or NFL), it might be good for you to be aware of the fact that they are absolutely legal in the majority of the states (except Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, and Quebec), that you can start by choosing an entry of a quarter and still end up winning real money, and that Wednesday is the day on which The Big Daily Basketball Tourneys take place.

Guide to Betting on DFS Basketball

  1. Build Your Daily Fantasy Basketball Lineups
  2. Making a Fantasy Basketball Selection
  3. Auction Values in Fantasy Basketball

Step 1: Choosing Daily Fantasy NBA And Going Through The Available Contests

which of the available contests for dfs basketball to pickThe place where we begin to act is the lobby. It is lovely that we can find all the contests that are about to happen in just one place, yet, this is not everything. What’s more, there is the possibility of sorting and filtering so that you can arrive at what you are looking for in no time. To do so, you will need first to notice the menu called “SPORT” which is to be found bellow the promotion, a little bit above the main tabs, on the left side of the screen. Then you click there and select “NBA”. For this demonstration, let us choose a MULTIPLIER to play.

We can’t stress enough on the fact that it is recommendable to start with an entry fee that is as low as possible ($1.00 or even less). As a new Daily Basketball player, you will be happy to learn that you can benefit from free entry to the contests next to whose entry fee you can see a tiny orange ticket. Pick up one of them. In other cases, you have the possibility to play with a freeroll ticket, available once the initial deposit is made, or you can choose one of the Daily Fantasy NBA events that are to be found in the list, as well. Let us, this time, select an “NBA 10X BOOSTER” that offers $20 to each of the five players at the top. However, unless we end up being one of them, we will not win anything.

As a next step to make, as similar as when gambling on fantasy football, we have to pick up a contest we would like to enter. This also happens in the lobby. There will be a box with all the relevant information related to it that is going to appear. Once you see the button in a yellow-orange color called “DRAFT TEAM,” go for it and click it. If this is the first contest you are about to take part in, there will be again an additional box presenting the necessary guidance, including the fact that submitting your team will enable you to be considered officially entered, as well as the fact that the size of the salary cap amounts to $50,000. The next button to click is called “START DRAFTING.”

Step 2: Budgeting Your Money And Selecting Your Team

First, make sure you have a look at the horizontal bar in blue. There you can notice displayed some of submitted entries so far, what the size of the entry fee is, as well as the start time. Regarding the contest we are currently playing, there is the possibility of submitting up to five entries. Having in mind our purpose. However, we will not risk that much, and we will choose to submit only one. What is interesting to check, as well, is the fact that since we are playing as a newly starter, there is a label called “FREE with your ticket” instead of the standard size of the entry ($2.00).

how to select your team for a dfs basketball matchNow that we are done with the entry fee, it is time to draft our Fantasy Basketball team. Each tab that you can see displayed offers the opportunity of choosing a player for each specific position. Stephen Curry, Kemba Walker, and Eric Bledsoe are the available options for a point guard (PG). Paul George, Monta Ellis, and DeMar DeRozan can play as shooting guards (SG). As far as the multiple tabs are concerned, they represent the players who are capable of taking more than one role. Also, there also other roster positions to take into consideration: small forward, power forward, center, flex guard (who can be a point guard or a shooting guard) flex forward (who can be a small forward or a power forward) and utility. However tempting it might be just to go with the flow and select at random if you are not that much into overthinking, keep in mind that you play with real money, so it might be valuable to choose carefully. A lovely way to inform yourself about the stats of the players before making up your mind might be to select their names. This will allow you to get aware of latest news and relevant facts, presented in a popping-up box. We recommend that you choose “AT A GLANCE” option in terms of sorting and then click “DRAFT PLAYER” if you are satisfied with what you learned and would like to have this player on your team. When it comes to another procedure of drafting a player, to do so you can click the sign “+” that is in green and can be found next to the specific name. If you happen to select somebody by mistake or reconsider your decision, you can select the button “X”. By clicking these buttons, you can add or get rid of players in your lineup (like Nascar Bets).

Let us again pay attention to a detail related to the cash management for Fantasy Basketball. There are two dollar figures, under which you can see your lineup so far. The one you need to keep in mind is the right one that is called “REM. SALARY” (remaining salary). As we already said, each player you would like to include in your team costs a specific amount of money that is displayed next to his name. This means that adding him will automatically decrease your remaining salary to the extent of the listed size. That is why you are encouraged to double check your choice before you click the “SUBMIT YOUR TEAM” button. And to make sure you do it, the system will ask you to confirm it via a popping-up box. First-time players will again be reminded of the free entry they can benefit from as a result of the made deposit, after which you can finalize the process by selecting “ENTER NOW”. And voila, you are ready to go as the confirmation page you are about to be transferred to, will present. The team you have selected can be kept during multiple contests. At the same time, there is nothing that limits your ability to introduce changes if you decide to do so later on. For now, let us play.

Step 3: Watching The Live Performance

what are the options to bet by watching basketball liveThere are some more points to cover when it comes to the way the Daily Basketball website review of DraftKings is to be navigated. If you click the white button “VIEW MY LINEUPS” that is to be found at the bottom of the confirmation page, you can once again see your team after the drafting process has been finalized. As long as the timer that is countdown hasn’t displayed zeros, you are free to introduce changes. When it comes to the tab “MY LINEUPS” at the top of the page, it enables you to get aware of lineups that are available for pending contests. To the right of this button, you can find another one called “MY CONTESTS.” What you need to know about it, is the fact that it can provide you with clarity regarding the variety of contests you have decided to take part in so far. Those of the contests that are not live yet can be seen in the “UPCOMING CONTESTS” area. In comparison to them, the live ones are to be displayed where ”LIVE CONTESTS” is written until the end of the game. Once a contest has finished, it will be automatically transferred to “COMPLETED CONTESTS”.

Now that we are clear about those details let us check more precisely what it takes to be able to monitor the performance indicators at the website of DraftKings and in the same time enjoy the game itself when you watch it on TV. The contest that has been considered to be upcoming in the section ”MY CONTESTS” before the start of the game can now be found in the contests listed in “LIVE CONTESTS.” To watch it, select “WATCH LIVE”. Once the DFB contest is live, you will notice that there is also no longer a timer in “MY LINEUPS.” Instead of it is written “LIVE.” At any point, you are capable of getting an idea about the points that your team has managed to gather so far thanks to the section “TOTAL FANTASY POINTS.” Considering the rules of fantasy baseball, the score is managed almost the same way.

Your nickname is going to be highlighted in orange in the list of all players who have joined the current contest. This list is displayed in the left part of the page. What you can notice in the right one, is the lineup and not any lineup, but yours. Next to the name of each player is written which game he is currently taking part of, as well as the amount of the gathered points until now. It might also be helpful for you to know that there is a way to be constantly updated about the game that the players in your team have joined and the score of every specific team. This is enabled by the presence of a scoreboard, under which there is a ”TALK SOME SMACK” box that you are advised to keep clean if you would like to make use of it. One warning: knowing from experience how easy it can be to lose temper when the contest doesn’t go according to your plan, please, make sure that you control yourself and don’t write anything offensive. You may regret it later on.

is watching the games live a must in dfs basketballOne question that people pose quite often is whether watching the games live is a must. As you can probably guess, the answer to that question is no. The same goes for the live streaming of fantasy hockey, football and other sports. We all have our daily responsibilities that we need to take care of, so it would not be very practical if we were forced to monitor the live performances as the only way to get informed about the outcome of the contests. Therefore, you can become aware of the results whenever you log in later on. The fact that playing doesn’t necessarily demand your physical presence is one of the catchy things that attract people to the Daily Fantasy Sports. However, we cannot deny that there is the possibility of getting obsessed with checking the scores on the board all the time, so keep that in mind, as well.

Final Words

As we said in the beginning, the best way to master any skill is to do the work and practice. We truly hope that what we have included in this article may help you start being clear about everything you need to know and nothing that you don’t. If there is one thing to remember, in particular, it is to start with low entry fee contests. Even if this specific tutorial includes pieces of advice, tips, and specifics related NBA and Daily Fantasy Basketball picks, lineups, and projection, you are encouraged to go for any other sport you might be interested in, keeping in mind that the process is quite the same.

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