Welcome to this Fantasy Basketball Injuries page! Even if there are multiple factors that can contribute to your daily and long-term success in the NBA DFS, it is indeed vital to make the most out of each injury situation. So, we created this article to help you gain an overview what to keep in mind regarding utilising a Fantasy Basketball Injury Report. Enjoy!

Whoever would like to be successful as an NBA DFS player needs to keep the following into consideration. When it comes to NBA, there is news popping up each and every second. Therefore you cannot afford not to be plugged into Twitter up until the last minute before lineup lock. And if you choose to play at DraftKings, have in mind that you might need to keep an eye on the injury news all night long until the final game locks.

Find out the latest news on Fantasy basketball injuries in Twitter

Fantasy basketball injuries can have a domino effect in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports. On the one hand, there might be a value player who steps into a bigger role. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for players to end up having an additional salary to distribute across their lineups. Unless you manage to make use of such situations, it would not be surprising if you find yourself instantly behind the 8-ball with little or no prospects to catch up.

Once you are aware of the value plays on a particular night, it is recommendable to learn how to use the information included in a basketball injury report. Pay attention to injuries related to key defensive and key offensive players since they can have a significant impact on your rosters that is not to be underestimated.

Detailed Example of a Fantasy Basketball Injury

Let us assume that defensive stalwart Rudy Gobert happens to be sitting out. In this case, it would not be wise to play a Utah Jazz backup centre since him playing at the slowest pace results in less production and fewer possessions. On the other hand, you can focus on the opposing offence (i.e. individual matchups down low, as well as guards attacking the basket such as Tyreke Evans). So, instead of producing value for the offence of Jazz, you might be willing to benefit from the fact that a team without a key defensive player can be much more valuable for the opposing offence.

On Which rates you Should Focus on?

Another key element to having in mind has to do with usage rates. Let us illustrate what we mean by giving you a specific example that refers to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Both Kevin Durant (29.1%) and Russell Westbrook (38.4%) dominated the usage. However, it turned out that whenever one of them happens to be sitting out there is a tremendous increase in this numbers. Let us say that Westbrook is off the court. In this case, Durant’s usage rate increases to 32.6%. On the other hand, if Durant is not part of the game, Westbrook’s jumps to 42.2%. What this means is that each one of them becomes a must-have player every time the other one sits out.

Fantasy basketball usage rate explained

Looking at the usage rate is particularly helpful whenever a player is out of the game as a result of the injury because it will give you valuable information related to the production that you need to replace in the offence. The next data to focus on in the basketball injury report includes the usage rates for those players who will have to play with an injured player sitting out. To do so, go to NBAwowy and enter the name of the particular injured player. As soon as the numbers of the players that will be on the court with (injured player) sitting out, you will be able to compare these numbers to the respective usage rates with (injured player) ON the court. Whether you are aware of it or not, this can be the most appropriate way in which you can identify the players with the greatest potential boost in usage in a particular situation.

Having found those players means that you have already figured out which your value play will be. Not only will they be highly-owned on that particular night, but they are the ones you need to have in your basketball lineups whenever you join cash games or GPPs.

Other Important Rates to Look at

Another key factor to take into consideration revolves around the individual and team matchup. It can play a significant role in the process of identifying your value plays, too. Although a player might see a marginal bump in usage rate, this does not necessarily mean that a tough matchup will not end up taking away from that potential production in the specific matchup.

Based on what we just said, it is crucial to take the time and make yourself familiar with each team’s depth chart. It is true that such a task may seem daunting. However, the majority of the teams consist of just 8-10 players that are likely to see a limited amount of minutes on a particular night. In other words, it should not be that time and energy consuming.

Always pay a close look also who is on the bench when playing fantasy basketball.

Also, when it comes to fantasy basketball injuries make sure you inform yourself about rotations, as well. There are players who happen to be on the court together for a particular reason. So, having a closer look at bench rotations can help you gain a competitive advantage compared to the average DFS player who tends to focus on deciphering just the starting lineup. Therefore, we encourage you to get to know each team’s depth chart, as well as their rotations before the season has even started.


To sum up, we would like to once again raise awareness of the crucial role that checking a fantasy basketball injury report can play when you take part in NBA DFS. This is why it makes sense to invest a little bit of time and energy into getting familiar with relevant information such as usage rates, team’s depth charts, rotations, as well as to make sure you keep up with the latest news. We hope we managed to answer all your burning questions about fantasy basketball injuries and that now you can capitalise on them when building your lineups.

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