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There are two factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to fantasy basketball selection. The first one has to do with maximizing your floor whereas the second one refers to making the most out of your profit potential. No matter what kind of strategy you use when drafting your teams, make sure you strive for a consistent bankroll. As you focus on game selection and minimize the variance, you will be able to utilize your profit potential to the fullest.

As far as bankroll management is concerned, it makes sense to invest roughly 10% of your bankroll. Still, there are players who go for another strategy which is to play a smaller percentage on smaller slates. So, you may ask yourself what to take into consideration when choosing a respective approach. To help you out let us share with you some tips and tricks based on the different types of contests you can take part in as a player.

1. Head-to-Head Contests (H2H)

check the basketball head to head contestsDepending on what type of player you happen to be, you will end up taking part in a different percentage of games in each format. Assuming that you participate in a lot of H2H games, it will not be difficult to raise your floor and decrease the variance. On the other hand, you expect an increased variance on any night when you join a small amount of H2H contests.

When it comes to H2H games, it is important to pay attention to the fact that you only need to beat the player you are matched up against. This is how even if you do not achieve a score that would help you cash in a double up or a 50/50 you can still win an H2H contest, raise your floor and stretch your bankroll. In addition to this, H2H contests are associated with a smaller rake compared to a 50/50 or double up. What is more, there are sites where higher stakes go hand in hand with a lower rake on the H2H matchup.

Example: Let us say that you play at FanDuel. Whenever you take part in a $5 H2H matchup, you can end up receiving $9. This means that 10% ($1) goes to the site. On the other hand, if you happen to join a $535 H2H, then it is an entirely different story. The payout, in this case, amounts to $1,000. In other words, 6.54% ($70) goes to FanDuel in rake.

As far as the rake in a Double Up is concerned, this is how the situation looks like. You invest $5 and compete with up to 11,363 players for the Prize Pool of $50,000. 11,363 x $5 = $56,815. What this means is that the rake, in this case, equals $6,815 (11.99%) or 2% more than what players are paying to the site when they enter their contest.

2. 50/50 and Double Ups

how to bet on 50/50 and double ups in nbaRegarding double up and 50/50 contests in NBA Daily Fantasy Sports it helps to pay attention to popular plays that are considered to be a “must-play” on a respective slate. Whether you realize it or not, bench players starting because of an fantasy basketball injury or underpriced players stepping into a bigger role can end up breaking or making your lineup. This applies in particular to the cases in which such players are 40-60% owned in cash game lineups.

So, unlike other sports when playing NBA DFS games make sure you have the “chalk” players in your lineup. First, their presence in your lineup may be useful for potential production. Furthermore, drafting such players does not require a significant investment even if they can add a lot of value. This is why you are encouraged to include big plays when taking part in double ups or 50/50 contests. While they might not always be capable of paying off their salary, you will keep on being on par with the rest of the field.

3. GPP Contests

As we already mentioned, when you take part in other sports contests like MLB and NFL, it might be useful to ‘fade’ the so-called ‘chalk’ plays. However, this is not the case in NBA. In fact, including favorite players might help you by building a solid floor and differentiating your lineup.

find a page about fantasy basketball selectionOnce again, do not forget to pay attention to your bankroll when you select your GPP contests. On the one hand, going for a lot of GPP contests can help you increase your bankroll in no time. On the other hand, it is not uncommon for players to blow their bankrolls quite fast, as well. Therefore it is better to join small buy-in contests if you happen to be a small-stakes player. There is nothing preventing you from expanding into more games at different buy-in levels once your bankroll increases. So, better start it small. And smart. Before you decide which GPPs to join, check your bankroll and evaluate how much you might end up playing on a specific night.

About Fantasy Basketball Selection

All in all, we would like to once again stress on the benefits of investing most of your resources in H2H games. Assuming that you are playing $2000 on a particular night, play $200 (10%) in GPP contests and $1800 (90%) in cash games. When it comes to the $1200, you may be willing to invest $1400 (70%) in H2H contests and $400 (20%) in 50/50s or Double Ups.

Of course, this is just an example based on our personal experience with MBA DFS. You are encouraged to explore various options and come up with a solution that will serve your needs in the best possible way.

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