Welcome to this Fantasy Basketball Auction Values page, which is devoted to helping you find out what data to focus on to identify the players who can provide you with value. While it might be true that multiple factors play a role in the process of constructing NBA DFS lineups effectively, basketball auction values are certainly the most relevant one among them.

Checking the Game Totals

why to check the game totals in dfs basketballThe very first thing you want to start with regarding fantasy basketball auction values is checking Vegas. You may ask yourself why. Well, checking the game totals of two players who are at similar price tags can give you information about what makes them different from one another. When it comes to value, there are multiple ways in which you can determine it. For instance, you may be willing to set a particular target score for your lineup, depending on the respective game type.

Making a Bet

Let us assume that you play at FanDuel where the salary cap amounts to $6,667 per player or $60,000 in total. In most cases, it would be enough to score around 275-285 points to cash in 50/50 or double up contests. In the same time, you will need a score of 300-315 to cash in a GPP. If this is so, then how can you figure out the value of each player? The first step includes checking out each player’s salary on any site you happen to be playing on. There can be differences. Second, you need to become aware of the projected fantasy points (FP) for the particular game you would like to take part in. There are two common ways to do so. The first one is to base your decisions on your own projections. The second one is to take into consideration the projections created by experts in the field of Daily Fantasy Sports.

How it Works

Example: To illustrate how it works, let us focus on Stephen Curry, whose salary might be a flat $10,000. We will use a simple formula thanks to which you can quickly figure out some points that you need from any dollar of the salary. 4X+5 is the method we would use if we aim at scoring 285 points across 9 roster spots. In other words what we need to do is to multiply the player’s salary by 4 and afterwards add 5. So, in the case of having Stephen Curry and a cash game we would have the following “value threshold”: 10,000 X 4 + 5 = 45 FP.

do you know the value threshold in basketballWhat this means is that Curry will have to produce 45 fantasy points in a game of basketball so that he can meet value. Whoever is capable of exceeding their “value threshold” are often considered to be players providing value. As far as Curry is concerned, there is no doubt that he can meet and exceed his “value threshold”. Still, due to his high salary, it might not be a good idea to count on any extra value. However, when you take part in cash games, it is fine to have players reaching the target value. But if you decide to join GPP games, make sure you invest in players who can not only meet but also easily exceed their “value threshold”. In this type of games, the formula would be 4X+8, which equals a GPP threshold of 312. So, the threshold of Curry in GPP would amount to 48. On the other hand, the GPP value threshold of a player with a salary of $5,000 would amount to 24 which can turn out to be a potential opportunity.

Players who Present Value

After we have cleared out how fantasy basketball auction values get determined, it is time to see what it takes to find players who present value. As you probably know, the NBA season consists of 82 games you are taxed for. Since there are injuries all the time, you need to replace players’ minutes and production quite often. As a result of the fact that it takes a couple of games before a bench player’s price gets adjusted in an increased role, this is a nice opportunity for you to grab some value.

find a nice opportunity at fantasy basketball auction valuesExample: Imagine the following situation. The player Pau Gasol who is sitting out has a salary of $8,900. This is why his place in the starting lineup is taken by Taj Gibson (salary: $5,000). Having in mind that due to the lower pay the “value threshold” is also lower (25 points) it would not be a surprise if he exceeds it in just a few minutes. Also, it would be wise to assume that this can probably lead to an increase in his projection the more he plays in, the greater role. So, before that happens, any points above his threshold are what you will get as a bonus on the salary.

Another Approach

In addition to what we mentioned above, there is also another approach you can undertake in terms of determining fantasy basketball auction values at dfs websites. Look for players whose teams happen to be facing a team playing at a significantly faster pace. In the same time, the teams themselves are playing down the tempo. What happens in such games is that more possessions are produced for each group, which results in more potential fantasy points output across the board.

If there is one thing you can easily start with it would be creating a list of the salaries on every night. It will not take you more than a few games of each team before you get a clear picture of each player’s minutes, as well as his role in the offense.

Fantasy Basketball Auction Values

At the end of our article, we would like to congratulate you for taking a step towards learning how to determine values when you play basketball DFA. As we said, there are a lot of factors that play a role in the process of building a good lineup. Still, there is hardly anything else that can help you more than player’s “value thresholds”. The best part is that it is not a rocket science and does not take a lot of time and effort, neither.

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