There are many kinds of games in daily fantasy football and the NFL season gives you a chance to select exciting fantasy football for cash games. Fantasy football offers excellent opportunities to have a great time compared to daily sports like basketball and baseball. The player pool is larger than other games, and the contests are running only once a week. Fantasy football is a cash game that gives you the chance to double or triple your money. This can happen through triple-ups, double-ups, three-player games, head-to-head or other contests like five or six player contests, triple-doubles and other types of contests depending on the site. Getting the right mix of these is important to achieve a healthy bankroll. A good strategy would be to allocate some money to cash games and play and divide them between head-to-heads, double ups and a mix of the other listed games. This makes a good diversification which needs to be adjusted according to each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Now that you know what fantasy football cash game is, and how to make the right game selection we can dive deeper into the successful strategies.

Play Fantasy Football for Cash

how do you play fantasy football for cashOne of the basic things to remember about the fantasy football and all cash games, in general, is that there is no extra prize even if you have a very high score. Even if you finish first among 100-player double-up, you will get the same prize with the player who finished 50th. Why is this important to remember? Because in fantasy football cash games more than in any other sport, there are huge differences in player types that you can use to your advantage. An excellent example is the 2014 season when Eddie Lacy started the season very slow, and he had ups and downs during the weeks along the way, while Lamar Miller was consistent with his score. Many considered Lacy’s play high because of the great Packers offense, the one who wanted to slowly lower the cost each week was Miller. In the end, they had very similar seasons, but Lacy had a slight edge due to volume. This was obvious in their price differences throughout the last season. It would also be useful to compare the two players on a week-to-week basis and see how they performed.

Eddie Lacy

Despite the high-powered offense he was in, Eddie Lacy struggled in many games, especially early in the season. He posted below six fantasy points in four of the first eight. Later in the season he turned it on and became much more viable in the fantasy football cash game. However, it took more than ten weeks before he became reliable for his price.

can you get tips for fantasy football pointsLamar Miller

Miller was over ten fantasy points in five of the first six games, and nine in seven of the first eight games at the start of the season. Compared to Lacy, Miller did not impress with over 30 fantasy point games up until the last two games of the season. However, he did not post back-to-back games with less than nine points, which in the end made him a dream cash game play at the prices he had all season. The big games that Lacy took part in were the ones that drove the prices up.


The difference between Miller and Lacy was that while with one it was possible to find price efficient consistency and with the other you could strike gold for a much steeper price. The first option can be a huge advantage in the end. As we already mentioned, there is no difference if you finish at the top of a double-up field. On the other hand, a 20+ fantasy point outing can compensate other mistakes; you can avoid them by selecting the right players and the right prices in the fantasy football cash games.

Summary of the Information

find information about fantasy football for moneyWhat you need to remember about fantasy football for cash is that you do not need to keep putting top players into your lineup all the time, because the price is much more important. When you adopt the strategy of getting high-end players to your list, it means you will get players at other positions who are not providing the right value for their price. The roster construction should be different every week, considering the available options and the prices for the given week on any site. There is not always the chance to get players like Lamar Miller who are low in price due to their consistency and no upside. Replacements due to injuries can change the entire roster construction because they will be low on prices but they will be heavily owned and will provide huge profit potential. This will let you raise the average price of the rest of the players and even include some top players into your roster. In the end, it is about you feeling comfortable with the choice of your player in the lineup for their price.

There are various strategies in the fantasy football for cash games; we hope we have given you some basics, which will help you pick the right players and choose the right mix of cash games to be successful.

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