We have created this daily fantasy football advice page, to help everybody from new to experienced players and fans of daily fantasy sports. We hope that our tips are beneficial and will assist you with your play.

1. Learn the score rules

Before drafting your team, you need to learn the score rules from different sites. Read detailed articles, ideas and strategies on the web first and when you feel confident go ahead to draft your team.

what is the daily fantasy football advice for beginner contests

2. Start with beginner contests

Beginner tournaments are an excellent start, as you will be able to play against others who have little experience, and you can all learn from each other. Furthermore, it is a good idea, to begin with, low-cost buy-ins.

3. Score huge in the GPP leagues

In these, you need to score huge, not just average. This is because the life changing money is at the top. One of the strategies to score big is to gamble on players guys, who end up playing big games in combination with the right match of studs who also play for your team. This is a risky strategy, but it has big payoff potential. It is known as ‘Studs & Duds.’

4. Pick the right combination of players

You need the rig mix of players to win smaller contests, who will outscore most of your competition. This is a more balanced approach which is finding the right combination of values and match-ups, which your opponents might have overlooked. You do not gamble as much on the risky picks, but you squeeze value out of all your men.

5. Stacking your team

This means pairing QB with a WR’s, TE or RB. This combo must have a huge night. Stacking can pay off when it clicks. What happens is that you get points from the QB and the other players when there is a passing touchdown.

why is choosing the defense important for fantasy football

6. Choosing the defense

What you can do if buy the least expensive one you can afford, but without risking getting clobbered on defense. It can break you, so find one playing a weaker than average offense, and that has a low under/over the line in Vegas.

7. Do not forget the weather

This is another piece of advice we can give from experience. The weather matters, so check the reports for all the stadiums and avoid specific players from games with bad weather. The RB is an exception to this rule.

8. Check injury reports regularly

The injury reports can turn out to be your best friend. You can find an injured RB and draft his replacement for a value play. You will then have a significant amount of cash left to spend on the rest of the players. Some providers also offer later player swap features, which allows you to change out a player up until the time a game starts. Besides, you can also find a replacement within budget. However, at other sites, your line-up is locked whenever the first game starts.

9. Be careful with the kickers

Do not waste your money on kickers. Find the least expensive ones, who work well with fair weather on low-rate teams. This is one of the best advice we can give on kickers.

do the football oddsmakers know what they are doing

10. Vegas oddsmakers know what they are doing

These guys can do the heavy lifting for you. They can help you a lot in finding high-scoring matchups and much more. What you need to do is to use the odds to find value picks.

11. Have fun

When starting with the fantasy football, always start small. The best piece of advice we can give you is to risk only what you can afford to lose.


The best daily fantasy football advice we can give is to play in the small buy-in, large field tournament and see how your gamescompare to the general population of players. If you have the right timing and the right players you can take part in some great games and win serious cash. If you are risking big money, you will be playing against experienced, sharp and skilled players. Always remember that daily fantasy football is a skill game with elements of luck!

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