If you are eager to get to know Daily Fantasy Golf and the league, as well as to gain access to valuable fantasy golf picks, previews of the tournaments, pieces of advice based on real facts and so much more, then this article is exactly for you.

Did you know that Daily Fantasy Golf is considered to be one of the segments in the industry that is expanding rapidly and massively providing gamblers with multiple opportunities to win big? And what is more, the chances are that this trend is about to continue for quite the extended period of time. It was amazing to learn about the Masters Millionaire Maker tournament run by Daily Fantasy Sports powerhouse Draftkings, and this is not everything – in just a couple of months, another one is going to take place as part of the US Open. Having in mind that so many daily sites are in the process of increasing the payouts they provide, we as gamblers are likely to be able to benefit from bigger and more attractive prizes. There are over seventy thousand people who have already joined the Masters Millionaire Maker tournament and more and more are expected to do the same. If you consider the possibility of following their example, we hope to be capable of helping you develop the necessary skillset, as well as providing you with all the info you need to know.

what makes daily fantasy golf so popularFemi Wasserman (Vice President of Draftkings) believes that the expansion of PGA Daily Fantasy Sports has mainly to do with the fact that younger users are technically savvy. In addition to this, there are multiple young super talents such as like Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy that are catching more and more attention setting the basis for having younger and younger fantasy golf players. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if PGA Tour follows the example of MLB and NBA and initiates a collaboration with the Daily Fantasy Sports site, which can turn out to be an extremely promising step in the process of the segment’s development.

The Sport is Expanding

The growth that was achieved in fantasy golf this year is considered to be extraordinary even now. There is no other sport in which expert expect to witness a similar expansion in the observable future (similar to the way hockey became big). To illustrate this, let us check the stats about Daily Fantasy Golf. The guarantee offered by DraftKings for all the majors last year equaled $100K with a buy-in of $27. And this was considered as ”playing big” at the time. What about the situation only one year after that? On a weekly basis, there are tournaments whose buy-in is 1/9 and whose prize pool is 3,5 times bigger. What is more, there is a tournament with 33 times the prize pool that takes place for all the four majors. If this hasn’t impressed you yet, what about the fact that there is the so-called QUICKEN LOANS NATIONAL, where the guarantee is $350,000 and to buy in you only need to invest $3? When it comes to the 3-rd installment of the Millionaire Maker tournament, DraftKings offered a guarantee of more than three million dollars and the prize for the winner equaled one million dollars. It is simply amazing that such growth has been achieved within just one season, isn’t it?

why is fantasy golf expanding nowadaysHowever astonishing it may seem, we can’t deny that there is a simple logic behind these trends. First, fantasy golf is a sport that is associated with a restricted amount of players. Second, we need to take into consideration the specific scoring system because of which it is quite often that the last hole is critical for knowing which player is going to end up in the first or the 49-th place. Despite the pressure, it does not take a lot to be able to learn how to play and to do so repeatedly. What is more, it is fantasy golf the leader in the major sports regarding the household income fans manage to achieve, which is cool for the players and the operators of Daily Fantasy Sports. Having in mind that the operators are expected to keep engaging other parts of the globe, as well as the tendency of the increasing prize pools, it will be no wonder if we witness a great expansion in 2017, as far as fantasy golf and soccer are concerned. Although initially fantasy golf was considered to be a way for Daily Sports operators to win new subscribers they could later try to engage in other types of sports (baseball and football games as well), the situation has changed, once fantasy golf started attracting so much media attention.

Site Options Regarding Daily Fantasy Golf?

Having in mind the remarkable potential that Daily Fantasy Golf has, it is not surprising that there are multiple players in the industry. FanDuel and DraftKings are considered to be the main ones. It took quite a lot for DraftKings to manage to increase their user base, taking into consideration the amount of users and the scale of prize pools associated with FanDuel. In spite of this challenge, DraftKings’ accomplishment deserves recognition – three merger/acquisitions, five hundred million dollars in funding and three Millionaire Makers within a period of only eighteen months. No matter if it was the strategic networking that supported the process of an expansion or rather the ongoing offering of larger and larger guaranteed tournaments, one thing is sure – nobody in the industry can afford to underestimate DraftKings any longer.

are there many options regarding fantasy golfAnother player in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry that joined quite late is Yahoo. When we take into consideration the critical role that was building the necessary user base plays in the process of entering the industry and the huge amounts of money required for this purpose, it is not so surprising that Yahoo has a huge advantage in comparison to any other company that would like to join at this point. Even if it might seem that Daily Fantasy Sports companies make a lot of money, this is not exactly the case. For example, even the giants DraftKings and Fan Duel are considered to face still the need of turning to profit although they own around ninety percent of the industry. Once ESPN decided to support DraftKings with a large investment that was later focused on advertising (the NBA league and more), there was thirty-five percent of the market still accessible for Yahoo. However, keep in mind that as the third biggest retailer regarding online advertisements (together with Google and Facebook), Yahoo has the amazing opportunity to also target audiences different from Daily Fantasy fans. In addition to this, online ads are famous for their extremely high conversion rate for Daily Fantasy Sports companies, so no wonder that Yahoo’s position is much more desirable than one of the DraftKings which needed to spend around five hundred million dollars on TV-advertisements.

When it comes to fantasy golf specifically, it is worth saying that players benefit tremendously from the presence of multiple companies in the industry. Imagine how hard it would have been if there was only DraftKings since none of the main Daily Fantasy Sports developers of fantasy golf products (Victiv and FantasyAces) would have enough financial means to collaborate with DraftKings. So, also having Yahoo in the game is quite beneficial for players, taking into consideration the scale of the guaranteed prize pools. Even if the company has not officially declared that it is about to enter the fantasy golf market, namely golf is seen as the most promising sports variation for them, as far as Daily Fantasy Sports are concerned, also because Yahoo is the leader in providing the Daily Fantasy Golf leagues.

Who is Better – Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth?

After having checked the site options for Daily Fantasy Golf, let us concentrate a bit on a quite hot topic as far as the fantasy golf world is concerned. There was a lot of discussions recently related to Jordan Spieth and Eldrick Tiger Woods – two golf sensations which are famous for having been able to achieve amazing results before they became twenty-two years old.

who is the greatest player on the golf fieldDespite the recent performances of Tiger Woods, it cannot be denied that he was exceptional in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. When we talk about him, we need to stress on the fact that his performances as an amateur were impressive, as well. He is famous for being the one and only player who managed to win three US Junior Amateur Championships. After that, he joined the University of Stanford, where he also became the only player who has ever won three straight US Amateur Championships. At this point, he was already considered to be a promising talent. He did not disappoint us when it comes to his performances as a pro, neither – six victories, the Masters included, in his first twenty-nine starts on Tour.

Without using complicated terms, here is how their skills are compared to Daily Fantasy Golf. In comparison to Woods, it was not until his 69-th professional start when Jordan Spieth managed to win his fifth victory. However, having in mind that Spieth gets compared to Woods means that he has also managed to perform in an extraordinary way and to stand out. This is not surprising keeping in mind how successful his campaign in 2014 was, at which point he and Rory McIlroy were already told to be some of the greatest young players of all times. When Spieth managed to take down the Masters and US Open before he turned to be twenty-two years old, it was natural to begin comparing him even to golf legends like Woods. It might be interesting for you to find out that one aspect in which Spieth was even more amazing than Woods at this age was career earnings. While Tiger’s on-course earnings in that period equaled around three million dollars, those of Spieth until now are even more impressive – they amount to more than seventeen million dollars. If this is the case before his twenty-second birthday, it seems mind blowing to even make an attempt to predict what he might be capable of earning within a whole playing career. In addition to career earnings, what we cannot underestimate in the process of comparing Woods and Spieth, is also the fact that Spieth manages to perform greatly despite the insignificant differences between his scores and those of other competitors. In comparison, apart from the top player at the time (Greg Norman), Tiger did not face the need to worry about the rest of the players. The other competitors were much worse than him.

what is our conclusion for fantasy golf playersAll in all, we can conclude that even if the early performances of Tiger Woods were simply amazing and unmatchable, Spieth has proved to have great potential that if continuously developed can make history in the coming years. What is required of him to do so is to keep on winning victories, both in majors and as part of other events? If he manages to do so, it is not going to take a long before we stop comparing him to Woods and start recognizing him for the remarkable and unique superstar he is already considered to be.

Everything Has an End

So, here we are at the finish line. Everything has an end, and our article is no exception. For sure there is a lot more to be said and discussed when it comes to fantasy golf or any other topic. However, we hope that we have managed to provide you with valuable insights and fantasy golf picks related to Daily Sports and the league that will help you experience the excitement and the plenty of opportunities to win big which go hand in hand with it. Below you can read about the game on the internet:

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