Daily Nascar Fantasy is a great way to spend your time and have a lot of fun. It’s very easy to start – you just draft few racers and gain points according to their results during the race. Unfortunately, the one-day contests, which are so common in most of the fantasy sports sites, might not be acceptable when it comes to Daily Fantasy Nascar weekend races. From a legal point of view, there must be more than one sporting event for the players to draw from if they want to bet real money. This is why you won’t find real money fantasy Superbowl games. The only way they can organize something like this is by making you choose NBA players too while creating your drafts, which was the case with the Superbowl in 2014.

do the most popular dfs websites offer nascar bettingUsually, at the popular websites for daily fantasy sports, such as FanDuel, DraftKings, and Victiv, you can play football, baseball and NBA basketball. These are the three most common fantasy sports with football being on the top, followed by baseball and basketball at the far end. In the same time, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) says that car racing can beat basketball matches by popularity when it comes to fantasy sports, but so far no website have offered Daily Fantasy Nascar games. However, there is a big chance that they will soon add Nascar games in their portfolios, as the races are becoming more and more popular by the minute. There are many people expecting the moment when they will be able to participate in daily auto racing leagues. Those players are ready to bet a lot in order to win real money jackpots, so the big websites should do something about it and pay more attention to this demand.

And while we wait for the website to include Nascar Fantasy games, we can learn a bit more about the game and be better prepared to play it and enjoy the most out of it. If you are familiar with different daily fantasy contests, such as football, baseball and other games you can usually find at and DraftKings, then you have the basic knowledge of what to expect from daily fantasy auto racing. But even if you don’t know much about the daily fantasy sport, playing Daily Fantasy Nascar is fairly easy and is a lot of fun.

The Information About Nascar

You should keep in mind that the following explanation is based the websites Fan Duel and Draft Kings and the way they conduct their daily fantasy sports competitions. Also, as these websites don’t provide auto racing games, part of the descriptions may differ, when they finally include these games in their platforms. But still the structure and gaming policies of those sites are very straight forwards, and there is no reason to assume that they will radically change it only for fantasy games. The important basic things like choosing a race, joining it, drafting a team and following its performance are similar in every game. The only destitution is where the game is played – on the field, the court or at the race track. The rest of the text will use the features of the DraftKings website when giving examples of each step, connected to playing Nascar fantasy live games. Some of the examples can be about basketball or hockey sports contest. The type of sport is not important because in all of them you should go through identical steps in order to start playing.

Finding Daily Fantasy Nascar Races

is it hard to find daily fantasy nascar racesThe first thing you need to know in order to find the best fantasy live race for you is to learn how to filter the contests and where to discover more detailed information about them. If you want not only to read, but also to try each step, you can sign up for the DraftKings.com, before reading further. This is the best way to understand and remember the process.

At DraftKings.com you have few options to check the different contests and choose the best games for you. The first step is to visit the Lobby, where you will find a drop-down Sports menu, and few tabs just above the contests’ list. The Sports menu gives you information about the different sports you can choose from at that moment, such as NFL, NBA, etc. There you will also be able to find Daily Fantasy Nascar races, once they are included in the website.

The other tabs are named ALL, GUARANTEED, QUALIFIERS, HEAD-TO-HEAD, 50/50, LEAGUES, MULTIPLIERS, STEPS, and BEGINNER. These are the different kinds of competitions your list can contain. For instance, if you are interested in car racing with big and guaranteed prizes, you will click on Nascar from the drop-down Sports menu and then you’ll choose the tab GUARANTEED.

Few inches to the right from the Sports menu you will find the advanced filter feature. It contains several filter options which allow you to select contests based on their Start Time, Size, and Entry Fees. The list is altered right after you choose the filter. Of course, you can find your contest without the filtering options, but they are very handy, and you can try them while still getting familiar with the different type of games. And if the website decides to host a lot of Nascar races and leagues, filters will be very helpful.

which are the top competitors at nascar races and leaguesRight under the big tabs, you will see different columns, named SPORT, CONTEST, ENTRIES, ENTRY FEE, PRIZE POOL, and LIVE IN. These features allow you to sort the contests according to the selected value in the column. Let’s say you chose PRIZE POOL. This will sort your list of contests according to the full amount of the stake. This is useful in case you are looking for Daily Fantasy Nascar races with low fees for entering, big jackpots or a specific number of entries.

Playing Nascar Fantasy for Real Cash

But even when you choose the best Fantasy race from our reviews – one that has a low enough entry fee and a big enough prize pool – you still have to learn few more things before joining the race and playing for real cash.

Firstly, you enter the Lobby and choose your race by clicking on its title. If you are trying this right now, it doesn’t matter what sport you’ll choose, because the same details should be given for the Daily Fantasy Nascar races, as they are for any other competitions on the site. After clicking on the title, you can see a box with extensive information. On the top you are given data about the number of players, joining the race. Also there you can see how many entries can join the game. Additionally, the box displays information about the entry fee, total jackpot and how frequent Player Points you will receive if you join the contest. It’s good to have in mind that getting Frequent Player Points allows you to use the bonus you are given upon registering your account and depositing your first real cash.

At the bottom of the box, you will notice two sections. The left section gives you information about the players who have joined the game. So if you have a friend on the website, they will appear in this column. The right site contains the payout schedule.

Joining a Fantasy Contest for the First Time

why should you join a nascar fantasy contestIf you go back to the Lobby and find your contest from the main list, you will notice a button on the right, labeled Enter. However, if you click on it, you are not automatically entering the contest – there are few more things that should be done beforehand. After you click Enter, a new page is opened. On this page, you draft your drivers. Here is a bit more about the information you can find on this page if you open one basketball of football contest for example. Under the title of the game, you will see in which games the available players are currently competing in. Therefore, when the Daily Fantasy Nascar live games are included, on this page you will be able to see the existing races in which the drivers can participate.

The page contains a list of the available players, which can be filtered according to their position. In the case of basketball, the positions are a point guard, shooting the guard, or center, but it’s still early to assume how the Fantasy drivers will be filtered. Perhaps there will be an option to sort them by the make of their car, the race team’s owner, the race track, etc. It’s also possible that there won’t be any need to sort them – it all depends on the website’s vision of the game and the structure of the races.

Currently, the “Draft team” page allows you to click on the name of each player in order to learn more about their performance so far. You can see data about the player’s last ten games. You can inspect their achievements for each one of these games, and it’s expected that you will be able to see this information for the Nascar drivers as well. You can also see the player’s salary – this is also something that should be available for every Fantasy driver. It’s imperative for you to know the salaries because you have a certain budget you need to keep in mind while drafting your Daily Fantasy Nascar team.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the players and you’ve made your choice, it’s time to make your Nascar draft. The first step is to click the green plus sign, which you can see to the right of the player’s name. Two events occur when you do so – the driver becomes part of your lineup and your budget decreases in accordance to the driver’s salary. You can observe your lineup on the right side of the “Draft team” page. When you pick your races, you can click the Submit button. Even then you are still not officially in the Fantasy race. There is a confirmation box, which you should click on in order to confirm your participation in the game. Keep in mind that if you are a resident of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, or Quebec, Canada, you can’t place any type of bets on the DraftKings website.

where can you play nascar fantasy gamesOnce you click on the Enter now button, you can join the race. The only thing left is to enjoy the game and plan what you’ll do with your prizes.

Where to Play Fantasy Games

As it was explained in the beginning, there are some legal issues concerning the Daily Fantasy Nascar competitions, which is why none of the betting websites are currently offering Nascar live games. There was a small fantasy sports website, called WarDreft, where you were able to find Fantasy races during the last season, but they are not available anymore. However, it is expected that some of the bigger websites, such as DraftKings will include Daily Fantasy Nascar in their portfolios when the legal site of the races is cleared out. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the drivers and on which tracks they are achieving better results. Check if they are better on super speedways, short, intermediate or road courses. Compare their rankings for their last races and make sure you know their overall rankings. In this way, you will be ready to win when the Nascar races are finally available.

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