Welcome to the Daily Fantasy Sports Reviews – the article to read in order to learn which sites deserve to be called Best Daily Fantasy Sports site, as well as to get familiar with the most important facts about them in the format of objective Daily Fantasy Site Reviews.

When it comes to size, there are two daily sports reviews that are considered to belong to the largest sites – FanDuel and DraftKings. Apart from them, you can also choose from a variety of middle-sized and small providers, among which we can list DraftPot, DraftDay, FantasyDraft, StarsDraft (formerly Victiv) and others. In addition to using the size of the company as a criterion for sorting the options, you can also check which site is a preferred or even possible alternative when it comes to the different types of sport. The reason why it is worth benefiting from this opportunity has to do with the fact that the majority of sites offer the possibility of playing the so-called “big three sports“ (baseball, basketball, football). However, if you happen to be interested in another sports variation, you might need to go for a restricted amount of sites. In order to illustrate this more specifically, let us share with you some additional links to articles that can help you get an overview of which sports go hand in hand with which sites. If you are a football fan, check this football comparison chart.

The following article can be very informative if you want to compare fantasy MLB. Regarding basketball, you can go through the comparison FanDuel vs. Draftkings NBA. When it comes to Golf, it is a sport you can play at DraftKings, Victiv or DraftDay. Having mentioned DraftKings, it is also worth saying that this is the place to be if you would like to give a try to NASCAR, MMA or Soccer, as well. Unfortunately, for now, it is not possible to play tennis as part of daily fantasy reviews. However, DraftKings and DraftPot offer the opportunity to take part in eSports (for instance, League of the Legends) that are considered to be huge and that are attracting more and more attention.

For those of you who would like to get additional support as far as playing strategies are concerned, you can also take a look at the player guides of the sites

Development of Daily Fantasy Sports

where to read daily fantasy sports reviewsIt is often said that 2017 is about to turn into a pivotal year when it comes to fantasy sports reviews. Both industry giants FanDuel and DraftKings faced the need to reconsider the way they run business since the aggressive marketing campaigns they went for during last year’s football season became the reason for the involvement of NY state attorney office. This is not surprising having in mind the excessive amount of commercials and insider shenanigans. For instance, it is naive to expect that nobody would pay attention to the fact that a DraftKings employee ends up winning $350K at FanDuel after he has leaked confidential data about his employer.

Let us also have a look at some other relevant events that took place around the same period. First, on the 22nd of March, there was an official announcement based on which FanDuel and DraftKings were no longer allowed to serve clients in the state of New York. This was not a decision with insignificant consequences, taking into consideration that based on Eilers Gaming Research and according to the Twitter of LegalSportsReport.com, 5% of the clients are situated there. Therefore, it was a happy event when playing in NY became legal again on the 24th of June. In addition to the regulations in the state of New York, which definitely caused some trouble, both daily fantasy sites stopped 100% of their college contests (ESPN) on the first day of April. What is more, it didn‘t take more than a month before playing in Alabama was also ceased. When we take all these events into consideration, it becomes obvious why FanDuel and DraftKings are exposed to the need to find much more sustainable ways to run their businesses in the long run.

If we look back at the fantasy sports reviews in 2015, we need to mention that two other industry players entered the battle for the interest of daily fantasy fans – Yahoo and Sportsline. Despite the fact that the gaming industry is considered to be quite competitive, such late additions do not fear to take the risk and to build their business from scratch. However, even if there are multiple of sites to choose from when it comes to the various leagues and contests available, it is highly recommended to focus on the ones that have already branded themselves as trustworthy and that have already been recognized for the quality of the experience they provide. Not only do sites like NFL, CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo offer season long style fantasy games, but they have also managed to keep a tremendous amount of recreational players involved. And what is more, having most of these companies based in the States means that there is nothing preventing you from literally reaching out to them if necessary.

Legality of DFS Websites

are daily fantasy sports sites like draftday legalBefore we concentrate on the most popular daily fantasy sites in specifics, it is worth answering a question that a lot of people pose. It relates to the legality of fantasy sites. We already mentioned the case of the DraftKings employee that has won a significant amount of money on FanDuel while leaking confidential inner data about DraftKings early. As you can probably guess, this means that generally playing is considered to be legal, regardless of which there are states where this is not the case (check out the following list: ‘is it legal?‘). As long as you don‘t live in any of the few states where it is forbidden, you can easily get in the game in a glimpse of an eye by depositing and withdrawing money via methods like Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Having answered this question, let us now check one by one the top rated daily sports reviews in the industry, starting with the leaders and then moving to the middle sized and smaller competitors. All of them strive for offering as attractive sign-up benefits, promotions, and incentives as possible so that they can increase their chances of winning new clients, which is the biggest priority when it comes to marketing. What makes it valuable for you to have access to such lists with recommended sites is the fact that the selected ones are chosen after a precise analysis. After all, most of us are willing to base our decision related to where to invest our hard earned money on objective criteria, right?

Daily Fantasy Sports at Fan Duel And Draftkings

There is a reason why it is worth going for the biggest names in the industry. Not only do they run big tournaments with buy-ins of $1 to $5 and prizes amounting to thousands of dollars, but they are also recognized for providing the safest and easiest user experience. FanDuel is considered to be the largest company in the field also when it comes to some players, and it is followed by DraftKings. In comparison to these giants that basically influence everything related to daily fantasy sports, the smaller competitors can‘t stand up easily, whether we talk about the amount of players they have, the contests they run or the guarantees they offer.

The valuations of both firms equal more than one billion dollars. This sounds quite impressive, isn‘t it? Even if there might be some changes as a result of the more restrictive legal regulations initiated after the last season of NFL, still this data can give you an overview of the scale we are talking about.

what are the sports at fanduel and draftkings

Although the so-called grandfather of daily fantasy reviews FanDuel was established at the beginning of 2009, it took the company couple of months before it was ready to start hosting sports contest. The variety of games you can play there includes NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA basketball, and NCAA football. As far as the salary cap at this fantasy site is concerned, it is worth knowing that there are differences based on the specific league. And when it comes to the types of contests you can take part in, there are seven of them, among which we can list 50/50 and tournaments, as well as leagues and head-to-head. Having in mind the simplicity of the interface of FanDuel, it is no wonder that newly joined players find it extremely appealing. On the other hand, seasoned players are satisfied with the robust features and the detailed information. Last, but not least, it is worth taking into consideration the wide range of bonuses and promotions such as monthly freerolls, weekly freerolls, a first-deposit bonus and a rewards program.

As far as DraftKings is concerned, we can’t deny that there are multiple factors that have contributed to its success and popularity so far. First, since the moment it was created in Boston in 2012 the company has always been recognized for being the fastest-growing player in the field. Second, the variety of games hosted by the firm includes a lot of leagues among which MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA. What is more, we shouldn’t neglect the popularity of football contests and NCAA basketball. Despite the standard salary-cap system of DraftKings, it offers one of the most impressive collections of any fantasy sports games. And when it comes to the incentives, what we can share is that the site offers some special bonuses for newcomers, as well as attractive prizes for regular players.

As you can see, there are some similarities between both leading companies. In addition to what we have already mentioned, you may find it interesting to learn that the lobbies of both sites have been updated recently so that they could become mobile friendly and responsive.

Middle And Small Daily Fantasy Sports Reviews

find middle and small dfs sites like starsdraftAlthough this might sound a bit counter-intuitive, sometimes you may come across smaller sites offering even more beneficial conditions such as tournament overlays, attractive bonuses or free rolls for newcomers. What is more, there are some special tournaments where you can benefit from significant prize pools, and at the same time, there are not a lot of competitors taking part in them.

Let us start by having a look at DraftDay (which offers fantasy golf and other games). What is worth knowing about this fantasy site is that despite its quiet and humble start it has managed to brand itself step by step so that now it is a significant player in the industry. When we take the North American market into consideration, it is exactly DraftDay that is considered to be the third largest site in terms of the amount of members and the size of the prize pool. What attracts players with no or limited experience to DraftDay, has to do with the extremely high usability of the site. In comparison to them, more experienced players place much more importance on the big prizes, as well as the smooth gameplay. For example, there are plenty of attractive promotions, among which we can list VIP rewards, 100% deposit match, a perfect lineup prize and a referral bonus that amounts to $20. Regardless of the reason why gamers prefer DraftDay, the result is the same. The site obviously manages to satisfy the needs of all target groups. This is not surprising, having in mind the wide range of open contests (pick five contests, pick three contests, head-to-head, etc.) and sports games like MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL).


What makes FantasyFeud one of the best fantasy sports reviews worldwide, has to do with the multiple benefits for members that simply can‘t be neglected. The newly redesigned web-based platform offers access to plenty of features that contribute tremendously to a user-friendly experience when using the site. For instance, the chat room is one of those newly added features which enables you to not only chat with other players but also to send easily and receive messages privately. If you happen to be one of those players who get even more motivated by comparing your scores with those of others, you will have that opportunity at FantasyFreud. The resources that are available to the members of the site (such as blog news, articles with tips, video tutorials, etc.) are considered to be one of its main advantages in comparison to another site. However, we can’t deny the impressive prize pool either. It is expected to reach $1 million when it comes to NFL contests, and $1,5 million, as far as other leagues are concerned.


why to choose the fantasy sports at fantasydraftAnother one among the famous daily sports reviews is FantasyDraft. Not only is it well-known, but it also recognized for being a reliable provider of a qualitative user experience. In addition to that, there is always something happening on the site of FantasyDraft. And what is more, it is really viable thanks to the multiple devoted investors, as well as the competent team that stands behind. If you place a lot of importance on the speed of the website and the quality of the platform, you will not get disappointed by FantasyDraft. On the other hand, also those of you, for whom the prize pool is the most relevant criterion, will certainly be happy to learn that they are on par and that no other site in the field offers as good deposit bonus like this one. All in all, there is no room for hesitation – FantasyDraft needs to be given a try at least once. And the chances are that you might become one of its most dedicated members in no time.


Let us now have a look at FantasyAces – a site whose headquarter is situated in Southern California. Even if it is still in beta phase, it has managed to achieve some remarkable things. First, FantasyAces has succeeded in winning an amazingly high amount of loyal members. Second, more and more newcomers join because they can‘t resist the attractive prize pools, as well as the original games that include multiple innovations. For instance, thanks to a special partnership players have the opportunity to compete against professional athletes for prizes between ten and one hundred thousand dollars. Impressive, isn‘t it? Last, but not least, even if the site is in its early stages of development, you can choose from a huge amount of game options (including NFL matches with two-quarterback rosters). The same is valid also when it comes to the types of contests. Apart from tournaments, head-to-head and 50/50 contests, you also have the opportunity to initiate private ones only for you and a couple of friends.

Other Sites

which are the other dfs online operatorsEven if Yahoo is one of the newest players in the field of daily fantasy sports reviews, it is worth taking into consideration for plenty of reasons. On the one hand, its presence has definitely contributed to having the leaders FanDuel and DraftKings constantly strive for improvements and offering even more tempting incentives. On the other hand, the smaller players also put continuous efforts into bringing innovations to life as a way to differentiate themselves. All of this results in quite relevant advantages for the players of daily fantasy sports reviews regardless of the site they currently use. When we focus more precisely on Yahoo, it is worth mentioning the success its sports offerings have already managed to achieve thanks to the partnership with NBC Sports that was initiated at the end of 2012. However, it remains questionable till which extend the players will be willing to play with the shiny product when it comes to daily fantasy sports in case they find it stale.

Last, but not least let us quickly mention some other daily fantasy sites that we haven‘t talked about yet: DraftPot, StarsDraft (initially known as Victiv), StarStreet, FanThrowdown, DrastOps, and others. If you choose DraftPot, you need to know that you can play without any salary cap and in this way you can enjoy a complete freedom, as far as drafting players is concerned. And what is interesting about StarsDraft, is that it now belongs to the owner of PokerStars and that you can only play at this site if you live in Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

Reviews Conclusion

Willing or not, the time has come for us to bring this article to an end. For sure there are multiple other daily fantasy sites we didn‘t include, and in the same time, we could have said so much more about the ones that are presented here. However, the main purpose was to provide you with a brief overview of the most significant players in the field that are both trustworthy and promising. So, we hope that after having read these Daily Fantasy Reviews, you got familiar with the Daily Fantasy Site Reviews, so that you can make up your mind which is the top Daily Fantasy Sports Site for you.

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